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renault trucks style

Renault Trucks style

Renault Trucks anticipates future developments by sharing its vision of a decidedly avant-garde design, and making the best of the latest innovations available to all its customers.

The Renault Trucks style is all about integrating the requirements of future users from the very beginning of the design process

Le design Renault TrucksThe power and purity of lines, dynamic forms, strength and personality of the truck fronts and fluidity: the design of the Renault Trucks range gives each of its models an individual look. A much coveted look, which explains Renault Trucks success on 5 continents.


The role of the Renault Trucks designer is to look to the future and second guess the tastes of the customer

Le design Renault TrucksCreating trucks for the future is a complex operation which requires close collaboration between design engineers and production. Hundreds of designs and sketches by Renault Trucks designers are subject to a selection process which will open up options for new concepts.

It is not just a question of designing futuristic lines, but also defining in precise detail both interior and exterior ambience, details of openings (doors, windows, roofs, tailgates…) and all the other elements by integrating technical architecture and innovations which will bring added value to the future model.


The genius of the Renault Trucks brand

Le design Renault TrucksAs a strong aspect of image, design is a crucial element to the identity of each Renault Trucks vehicle. Along with explicit reference to the profession to which each truck is dedicated, the styling must also promote our customers’ image.

The truck is marked with the diamond shaped logo of Renault Trucks, an emblem of quality synonymous with French creativity throughout the world. The Renault Trucks stamp is intimately linked to the values of the company: design with enhanced values of innovation, care and efficiency.