Urban goods mobility

Urban goods mobility

Renault Trucks announces its vision and unveils its concept vehicles in Brussels

Leif Johansson, President of the Volvo Group and Mathias Ruete, European Commission Director General for Transport and Energy, presided at the opening of the 2nd European Transport Forum. During the debate, held on 16th September in Brussels, Stefano Chmielewski and Eric Poyeton put forward concrete proposals for providing efficient and environmentally friendly urban goods transport solutions.

They shared the Renault Trucks vision with their audience and recommended a range of transport solutions applicable in the short term. This transport plan is based on the principle of grouping goods transport in urban environments and combining available energies and technologies.

This coincided with the first public showing of two experimental vehicles: Optifuel Solutions Concept Generation 2010, a Premium tractor + trailer rig featuring new aerodynamics capable of reducing fuel consumption by over 10%, and a Maxity electrically powered concept vehicle.

These innovations were accompanied by three demonstration vehicles: the Premium Hybrys-Tech, soon to undergo operational trials in Lyon, the Premium CVIS/Safespot implementing communications solutions between vehicles and infrastructures developed by Volvo Technology and the Midlum FIDEUS. A Premium Distribution 280.26 GNV 6x2/4 was also on display as a reminder that Renault Trucks already markets vehicles running on alternatives to diesel.