Fehrenkötter, Renault Premium Route Leader...


After three years of testing 7 trucks from the 7 different manufacturers on the German market under actual operating conditions, results of the "Fehrenkötter" tests carried out jointly by Joachim Fehrenkötter's German haulage company and the newspaper trans aktuell have been declared - and Renault Premium Long Distance earns first place! It is therefore acknowledged to be the truck which is the least expensive to operate and which has the lowest fuel consumption. Reliability, consumption and aftersales services provided by the manufacturer were all taken into account and analysed to produce the ongoing rankings. Renault Trucks is delighted that the Premium Long Distance's qualities, making it the leader for fuel savings in its category, were confirmed by this long-term test, carried out independently under actual operating conditions. The manufacturer takes this result as an encouragement to continue improving its products' quality and the services it provides to customers.

When he purchased seven trucks from the seven brands active in the market place, German haulier Fehrenkötter wanted to find out which was the best truck and the best brand in terms of reliability and operating costs, but also for customer relations and service.

Renault Premium Route FehrenkötterAfter operating all contenders over a three-year period, the Renault Premium Route has finally been declared the winner! It has been recognized as the champion in terms of operating costs and fuel consumption. The figures speak for themselves: in the course of the three years during which the test was carried out, and after covering 401,325 km, its overall operating costs were the lowest of the seven trucks tested at only 63.34 eurocents per kilometre. Furthermore, with an average fuel consumption of 32.4 L per 100 km, its consumption was also the lowest recorded. These results confirm that under actual operating conditions, the Renault Premium Long Distance leads the field in terms of fuel savings - a fact that customers have realised for a long time.

"Its consumption is sensational," announces driver Rolf Liepe. "Despite its six axles, it consumes very little Diesel. Furthermore it is very pleasant to drive, particularly because of its robotised gearbox, and is very comfortable."

Specialising in the international transport of farm machinery, camping-cars and transport vehicles, the Fehrenkötter group operates a fleet of some 200 vehicles which, until now, have all been supplied by a single manufacturer. This private test over three years is all the more representative in that it has been carried out using production vehicles with equivalent power ratings and under actual operating conditions within the company. The 7 trucks were all 6x2 rigids with power ratings varying from 400 to 420 hp. The Renault Trucks vehicle was a Renault Premium Route 410.25 6x2 rigid, driven by a single driver for assignments in Germany and by two others for deliveries in the rest of Europe.

The test was organised jointly by the Spedition Fehrenkötter haulage company and the ETM Verlag publishing group. The results are drawn from their own measurements: neither Renault Trucks, nor any of the other manufacturers intervened at any time or in any way. All costs incurred by the vehicles (purchases, maintenance, breakdowns, repairs, etc.) were noted down and incorporated into an overall cost price on the basis of which the rankings were determined.

Renault Premium Route FehrenkötterIn addition to the vehicles themselves, the haulier also compared each brand's aftersales service and the quality of the relationship they maintained with the customer. For every operation, labour and spare parts costs were incorporated into the truck's overall operating costs. Finally, it should be mentioned that all the trucks were purchased without any centralised maintenance contract.

This victory is result of teamplay for Renault Trucks and is still something the brand can be proud of, since the Premium Long Distance's qualities have been highlighted under genuine and totally independent test conditions. Renault Trucks sees this triumph as an additional encouragement for it to continue further improving the quality of its products and the services it supplies to customers.